Agent "Ore" Oregon
Josiah.pngOre at the beginning of the Nomads.
Name: Agent "Ore" Oregon
Affiliations: The Nomads; Project Freelancer
First Appearance: Red vs Blue: The Nomads
Armor Color(s): Grey and Purple
Occupation(s): Freelancer
Weapon(s): DMR
Armor Enhancement: Jetpack
Voice Actor: Zeon1
"Top of the food chain, huh? Well, guess what. I'm the apex predator, you sick son of a ----"
—Ore before killing Cancer.

Agent Oregon is a fan-made character created by Zeon1. He is the main protaginist of Red vs Blue: The Nomads, and Red vs Blue: Remnants of Alpha.


The Nomads

Oregon, Virginia, and Alabama are taking out some Elites when they learn that Project Freelancer has fallen, and a group of Black Ops soldiers are coming to take them down. While trying to leave on their Pelican, they encounter Cancer, who heavily injures him in a fight before Virginia pulls him aboard.

They crash land on an unknown planet, where they encounter a Red Zealot, who takes them to the "Lake of Regeneration", where Oregon is healed, and stronger. Virginia beats up Alabama and puts him in the Lake, making him stronger. She does this as well.

When Cancer arrives on the planet, chasing the rouge Freelancers, Oregon tells Alabama and Virginia to hide, while he fights the Black Operator. He finally manages to kill him. Oregon then uses his com link to mock Nitro , the leader of the group.

The Freelancers answer a recovery beacon on Trinity, but it is a trap by Nitro, who sicks his squad upon them. The Freelancers are badly beaten, and Virginia manages to save Oregon by putting him in a drop pod and sending it away. She and Alabama are captured.


Oregon is at heart a kind and caring person, but has a brutal side. During his fight with Cancer, he actually refers to himself as the "apex predator". His expression is a permanent scowl.


  • Oregon's line about being an "apex predator" is a nod to the movie Chronicle (2012). However, it must be noted that while the villain in Chronicle says the line, Oregon (who is a hero) uses it as a response to Cancer referring himself as the "top of the food chain".
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