Agent New Mombasa appeared to be either the youngest freelancer, or just the worst. He had scout chest, mark IV right shoulder, CQC left shoulder, and a scout helmet.His armour color was PRIME red SECOND black. He had an AI planted in his head, but it was not a fragment. Instead, it was a full AI and after he got it, he happened to becom the Third best freelancer. but instead of putting him on the boards, the Director replace him on the boards and branded him a traitor. While fighting on the Insserection's bay, he saw C.T killed by Agent Texas and realized that the Director was the evil one after giving a thought about what C.T had said. He then went to his freinds and created an orgization called the Resserection. He boarded the Mother of Invention with an elite squadron of Resserectionists. the dove after Carolina after she was thrown of the cliff and was probably killed by Carolina. Only a broken helmet and only a hand full of Resserectionists, soon to be called as Reclaimers, to carry on his legacy. The ironic thing is, the Director seemed to be a fatherly figure for him and som freelancers seemed to care about him and were reluctant to kill him. But there were some who would like nothing better. those people were Texas and Carolina.

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