Agent Nevada
Name: Agent Nevada
Affiliations: Project Freelancer Omega Squad

Bounty Hunter's Guild

First Appearance: Project Freelancer: The story of agent West Virginia (Also in: RvB Fan Machinima's Forgotten Freelancers and Freelancer Origins)
Armor Color(s): Primary: Silver

Secondary: Silver

Occupation(s): Freelancer
Weapon(s): Katana, energy sword, SMG, Magnum, Battle Rifle
Relative(s): The Directer
Armor Enhancement: Drop Sheild, Active Camouflage ( helmet: Hayabusa)
Voice Actor: none

Nevada is the directer's cousin. throught hs life came hardships unforeseen. By the age of 13 Nevada had left his home in Texas, killing his childhood friend and fleeing the state. He was later found by Maine, whom brought him to freelancer. Upon the realisation that Nevada was his cousin, The Directer was hesitant to let him enter the project, however, Nevada disagreed. "What better way to show faith than to have your own flesh and blood join?". Shortly afterwards, Nevada entered training under Maine's tutoring, meeting several of the "Original" Freelancers (I.E. Wash, C.T. Etc.). Later on, during tha alpha rebellion, Nevada led the defending force, going head to head with Freelancer Agents Florida and Texas. He killed Florida with a headshot, and knocked Tex out.Shortly after that incident, he was given the task of training three freelancer rookies, Agents New Jersey, Ohio and Montana. With his help they grew... And became agent themselves.(The events above a from the base script of Freelancer Origins by HOS) Agent West Virginia's best friend Agent Nevada was a former freelancer. He quit after he learned what had been done to the Alpha. After he quit he became 2 things: 1: A bounty hunter, and 2: obsessed with finding and killing the director for his horrible deeds. There are also rumours that Nevada was the reason as to why there was no Agent Florida. Witnesses say it was due to an incident in the Mess hall which led up to said "former agent's" limbs being decorated all over the cafeteria's entryway. Further investigation still pending on the VGD murder years later.


  • Early in Red Versus Blue, Texas stated that her designation was Nevada, although it was never brought up again, and even during Freelancer scenes, she was referred to as Agent Texas