"I'll sleep in dog shit, so long as I get paid."

First Appearance

Evening the Odds

Full Name

Recovery Agent Montana(Jake S897)




Freelancers, S.W.A.T.


Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Energy Sword

Favorite Weapon(s)

Energy Sword

Armor Enhancement

Not yet decided

Theme Song

Devil on my shoulder - Billy Talent

Agent Montana, Monty, or simply, Montana, was a member of and recovery agent for Project Freelancer. He worked briefly with the UNSC S.W.A.T. division before his apprehension.

Bio Edit

Oh yes, Montana's a good foot soldier, but a greater pilot. Don't mess with him, especially not when he's in the air. When he's not blowing the wings off another banshee or shooting down falcons, he's taking down enemy after enemy with an energy sword, which is his favorite weapon. His father served on Reach and his family lived there as well. Montana was based off-planet when he heard the news of the Fall of Reach. He vowed he would see the end of the war so Reach would not be in vain. Making the best of his abilities, he joined  Project Freelancer. He is a good friend of Agents Alaska, Russia, and Pennsylvania. Montana has good morals and is always ready to fight, as long as he knows he's fighting for the right thing.

Project FreelancerEdit

Montana was one of the last to sign on with Project Freelancer, only shortly before Agent Texas. As a recovery agent, he seldom worked with anybody but himself. As his fellow recovery agents began to disappear, the Director reassigned him to work as a mercenary contractor. Most of his assignments were assassination or protection missions with Agent California.

Agent Montana, was the top of the class. He carried into battle only a shotgun, a DMR, and a sniper rifle. He is the only freelancer to have two A.I.s at implantation. Unlike Carolina he was a recovery agent formily a S.W.AT. member from the UNSC he was the best shot in project freelancer next to North Dakota of corse. Last but not least you may see agent Montana welding a knife or blade.

Agent Montana. His ability is one of two things one invisibility and two speedy hand to hand combat and running speed. Montanas armor is a siver primary and cobalt secondary.

Agent Montana A.Is are after York dies agent Montana gets delta to help run his armor as well he has his existing A.I. Yukon.

Final MissionEdit

After California's disappearance, work became scarce for Montana. As tensions were growing between the UNSC and Project Freelancer, The Director saw an opportunity to obtain inside knowledge on the UNSC. After receiving a distress signal from a UNSC military base, The Director sent Montana in to obtain information on the military. Unbeknownst to The Director, Montana had been planning to leave the agency and thought of this as the perfect way to get out.

Incarceration and Possible DeathEdit

Eventually, the tensions between the military and the Director resulted in an all-out war and the apprehension of all Project Freelancer personnel. Montana managed to elude the authorities for a number of weeks before finally being captured by a UNSC strike team. Once word got out that Freelancers were being executed, Montana had been presumed dead by everybody outside the military.