Agent Michigan
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Name: Agent Michigan
First Appearance: RP: The Freelancer Chronicles
Armor Color(s): Black,Brown
Occupation(s): Gun for hire(Formerly)


Weapon(s): DMR,Sniper Rifle
Relative(s): Names Unknown
Armor Enhancement: Wrist Mounted Pop-Up Blades,Active Camo
Voice Actor: Purple dempsey 222

Agent Michigan is a character in RP: The Freelancer Chronicles, he is also set to appear in Project Freelancer: The Story of Agent West Virginia. His real name is Mike Harrison. His A.I. is Omicron, Alpha's sense of humor.


Early Life/ First try at being in the Military

At the age of of 10, Josefina , her parents, and her best friend Rob (the future Agent West Virginia) went to a Military museum. There Josefina and Rob became extremly interested in the Military. Eventually, at the ages of 27 and 26, they decided to try to join the Marines. The Director was there, and when they both got turned down he recruited Rob. Seeing that Josefina had potential, he kept tabs on him. Josefina then became a gun for hire.

Gun for hire/ Recruitment in Freelancer

As a gun for hire, Josefina did many jobs that required stealth and sniping, such as Break-Ins, Assassanations, and Escorting stolen objects. At one point she was hired to kill a Freelancer. She (somehow) succeeded, and stole the Freelancer's armor, including his Armor Enhancement, pop-out wrist mounted blades.(Josefina did not take the A.I.) After that job, The Director knew he had to get Josefina, so he sent a Freelancer undercover to hire Josefina to break in to a Freelancer facility. When Josefina got to the facility, she was trapped and The Director asked if she wanted to join Freelancer. Josefina angrily said yes. She decided to take the Freelancer code name Michigan, because she has a birth mark that somewhat looks like part of Michigan. She also got the second Armor Enhancement, Active Camo.


Josefina has an ODST helmet, Recon shoulders, Tatical/Patrol chest, Tatical/UGPS wrist, Default Utility, FJ/Para knee guards, and a Black Visor. Centurion Sapphire/Sapphire and an autumn visor (Halo 5)


Josefina prefers the DMR and Sniper Rifle. Her other favorites are the SMG-S, the Assault Rifle, the Magnum, the Covenant Energy Sword, and the Covenant Plasma Grenade.


Michigan is very serious, very rarely saying a non-mission related thing. He will make a few jokes here and there, but not really that much.



  • Mike is modled a little after Wolf from the AvP series.
  • Mike is an Xbok 720 friend with Rocket Shoes. Mike's gamertag is XxXxX Leroy Brony Jenkins Falcon Punch Fail n00b pwn At least I got Chicken XxXxX. That was Omicron's suggestion.

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