Agent Maryland

Agent Maryland

Agent Maryland was an agent of Project Freelancer, and mother of Agent Delaware. Her armor upgrade was the Drop Shield, and her preffered weapon was a sniper rifle.

Early LifeEdit

Agent Maryland was born without an arm, so a mechanical prosthetic was given to her. She was recruited to Project Freelancer as part of the second implantation group, and was given the AI Upsilon.

Early missionsEdit

Maryland was sent to to work with Agent Washington briefly, before being sent to work with Wyoming. She was then sent to disable Amal's supersoldier project, but was stopped by several troopers.

Longshore SagaEdit

Maryland was paired with Agent Idaho shortly after the disaster at Amal, and they were sent back. During the fight, a sniper trained his gun on Maryland, and Idaho took the bullet. After this, Maryland began to trust him.

They escaped, and their pelican crashed on Longshore. It was shee who discovered the Forerunner cavern underneath the complex, and during this time, Agent Delaware was concieved.

Current StatusEdit

She sadly passed away at an unknown time. R.I.P. Agent Maryland.


Maryland is significantly lighter than Idaho, making her a good balance for him. She is friends with Upsilon, Alpha's kindness.


  • Maryland is based off Agent Florida, in the fanfiction Touch, except darker.
  • Upsilon appeared as part of Meta's entourage, meaning bad things for Maryland.