Agent Leo

Agent Leo in his armor.

Agent Leo is a member of Project ORION, and lover of Agent Montana. He will be appearing as a central character of RvB: Perfect Soldier. He is a dark character, willing to do anything to get the job done.


Early Life

Little is known about Leo's early life. He was born on the moon, and his brother was killed during the Human-Covenant war. When it concluded, and Project ORION was reinstated, Leo joined them in honor of his brother.

Joining ORION

"I can't forget her. It was weird, like for one moment... I was... happy. For the first time since my bro died."
—Leo after meeting Montana.

Leo recieved his codename from the fact that on his first mission, he literally tore through the enemy, "like a lion" as one of his squadmates commented. On his next mission, he eagerly hacked through an entire database, even interfacing with the AI. This success lead him on a new mission, to scout Project Freelaner's success with their Alpha Project. During this recon, he was attacked by Agent Montana, whom, after a brief fight, let him go. Leo then went into a reclusive mode, even stunning his friend, Agent Gemini, unable to get Montana out of his head. He left base, breaching protocol, and then went to the spot of their fight. She returned as well, and a relationship began from their.


"Montana! You @#$#@, you killed her! I've got to get her to the medical wing! Get out of my way, Utah!"
—Leo upon Montana's being shot.

Leo was torn by two things. First, by the fact that he was breaking the Program's law by visiting Montana, and second, by the fact that he had accidently let slip why he kept leaving to Gemini. Gemini was horrified, and tried to warn Leo, but Leo wouldn't listen. On their tenth meeting, Agent Utah snuck up on them, surprising them, and getting annoyed at Montana. However, a sniper shot struck her in the head, killing her instantly. Leo carried her back to ORION for medical attention, ignoring Utah's warnings about ORION's reaction.

Perfect Soldier

Leo, broken hearted at his lover's death, took out his revenge by storming Freelancer's headquarters, and believeing that Utah did the act, beat him to a pulp, then trapped him in a frigate.

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