Agent Kentucky

Agent Kentucky, also known as [---] or [---] by those who knew her, was an agent of Project Freelancer. Kentucky used, and perhaps still does use, the AI "Hunter." She was deemed MIA after the collapse of Project Freelancer.


Kentucky is optimistic and happy, she is calm and loving for others as well as head strong. She never lets her team down.

Early life

Kentucky was taken from home at fourteen a year after her boyfriend Penn. She was put into the UNSC MARINES and rose through the ranks fast she became a Master Sargent . She was a master in hand to hand and Assualt tatics. She loves Penn with a passion, and is the only one that can get him to talk about his life. They don't want any one to know they are together.


Her armor in blue with a red triming: Assualt: Helment, Breaching chest, Tac pad wrist, para knee grauds and default shoulders.


A lot of Kentucky's files are classified, however most were terminated by the director.

Name- [Classified]

D.O.B- [Unknown]

Homeworld- Earth

Equipment- M392 Designated Marksman Rifle, M6 Magnum, AI "Hunter"

Special Notes-

- Harbors a close relationship with fellow agent Pensylvania

- Level headed

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