Kansas' new armor.

Agent Kansas is a member of Project Freelancer, and main character in RvB: Retribution.

Agent Kansas

Real Name

John Jacobs

Favorite Weapon

Needle Rifle, Golf Club

Armor Enhancement

Drop Shield




RvB: Retribution

Voice Actor

Lone Wolf

Early LifeEdit

John Jacobs was born in Kansas, and was early on a sports star. He was captain of his high school team, and lead them to victory twice. Despite his brawn, Jacobs was not unitelligent. He was on his high school's debate team, and a A and B student. Unlike most jocks, he didn't see the need to just rely on his sport skills.

Jacobs graduated from high school and joined the military. He won multiple victories against the Covenant, and was recruited by Agent Maine for Project Freelancer.


Kansas was trained by many instructors who were impressed by his brains and smarts, but recieved personal instruction by Agent Maine.

He was bonded with the AI Kappa, Alpha's pride. He worked closely with Maine, and was intrigued by Sigma's idea to reform the Alpha.

Retrieving the AlphaEdit

Kansas joined Maine and several other Freelancers to attack and open up the Alpha's facility. His girlfriend, Agent New Mexico, was killed, and a grief-stricken Kansas finally saw through what Maine was doing, and tried to help him. He was injured, however.



Kansas's original suit.