Agent Florida
Florida profile tfa
Agent Florida as he appears in Red vs. Blue The Freelancer Archives


Butch Flowers






Project Freelancer



Armor Color

Blue (Primary), Silver (Secondary), White (Detail)




Assault Rifle, Needler, Pistol.

"Call me Butch, Butch Flowers."

"What’s funny?"

"Do you have to ask? My name, that’s what’s funny you silly hoot!"

- Agent Florida introduces himself to Wyoming.

Agent Florida is one of the primary protagonists, an Agent of Project Freelancer in Red vs. Blue The Freelancer Archives Season One. He made his first appearance in Fresh Meat, First Blood.

Role in the Plot

Arrival at the Mother of Invention

Agent Florida is taken to the Mother of Invention by Four Seven Niner. Due to the fact that The Director is not present, his 'dumb A.I.' named F.I.L.S.S. is forced to introduce him and his other companions. Upon arrival, he, Oklahoma, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Dakota, Oregon, Jersey, Montana and Vermont are brought before the first initiates into Project Freelancer. Agent Florida parts ways and introduces himself to several of the other Agents Rhode, York, Iowa alongside Oklahoma and Dakota. Before the conversation could evolve Florida is asked to report to the armory.

Conversation in the Mess Hall

Agent Florida is later seen entering the Mess Hall where he meets Agents Wyoming, Rhode, Virginia, and Nevada. Immediately after arriving Rhode, Virginia and Nevada leave having been requested by The Director to attend an experiment involving Agent Alaska. Florida reveals his name as Wyoming reveals his. They discuss Wyoming’s accent before Florida announces that he thinks he and Agent Wyoming will end up becoming good friends.

Armor Enhancement

Florida's armor enhancement has not yet been revealed in the show.


Combat Armor

Agent Florida's combat armor consists of an ODST Helmet, Recon Shoulder Pads and a CQB Chestplate. His armor colors consist of Blue primary colors, Silver secondary colors and White armor details.

List of Injury's

Left shoulder by surviving a thrown tomahawk to the chest


Agent Florida appears to be the most positive Agent in the Project thus far. Unlike Agent Colorado, Florida isn’t an irritating Agent. Rather, Agent Florida tries his best to be positive and kind to all; he intends to keep a positive view of the world and to inflict this on others. To Florida there is nothing better than a healthy work ethic.

Florida symbol tfa

Florida's emblem

Skills and Abilities

Agent Florida’s skills and abilities have not yet been shown in the series thus far.


Agent Wyoming

In the short time that Agent Florida has been at The Project he seems to have clearly, and simply befriended Agent Wyoming. However, their friendship has not yet fully been explored.


  • Captain Butch Flowers played a subtle yet pivotal role in Red vs. Blue Blood Gulch Chronicles
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