"When I see you in my sights, I'll nail your hide like Jesus Christ"
—Cross, to anyone that angers him


Nolan Cross was born and raised in the city of Compton with his sister, Nia, by their father Gideon, a beat cop in his neighborhood. However, life was tough for the two. Their father would often abuse them for the minor offenses and got away by bribing fellow cops, their father was so demented that he would force Nolan to beat his sister.

Tired of this daily abuse Nolan challenged his father to a family boxing match, which his father wholeheartedly accepted, Nolan then produced his father's service pistol and shot twice in each knee, which he then beat to death with a construction steel rod. After this rather disturbing event, Nolan and his sister were charged in a mental hospital, but only Nolan was discharged. After three years had passed from this event, Nolan enlisted in the Army Rangers on hopes to use this to channel his anger and to maybe get a chance of a better way of life. Nolan soon rose through the ranks with great ease and was soon drafted by Project Freelancer.


Cross does have a bit of a short temper but maintains it fairly well, he is also very empathic to those were subjected to absolute hell. especially to Frost's A.I. Ksi, he gets along with Phobos well often being seen together at all-time.


Cross is living tank, always rushing into battle with his guns blazing and knife swinging, he can guarantee that no one is making it back home.

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