A Disappointing Result is the tenth episode of the Battle of Blood Gulch Season 1, and was written by III Cypher III.

Alexa held a small wet wrag against the side of Maddox's head. The explosion had propelled some pieces of rubble against it and caused a moderately sized cut in the skin. "Thank you Alexa...where are the others?" He asked as she put on some wrappings for his head. "They went to Blue Base...after Song and that one Blue, and their CO." Maddox nodded and winced.

Swanson grit his teeth as he and Song neared the entrance to the base. Krayson was a good guy and all but if a secret he was keeping would cause something as bad as this to occur, it had to be discovered. Song slowed down and looked back at the PFC before gesturing to the door, as a sign to go in first. Swanson hesitantly nodded and jogged down before slowing into a walk. Swanson looked around the corner and gestured for Song to come along.

They reached the center and stopped. Instead of seeing whoever attacked them and a floating Krayson, the british man was laid down flat on his back with a deactivated healing unit. Swanson took a few steps forward before turning around. "What the fuck is going on?" he asked with an elevated voice. Song could only shrug. A rush of footsteps and Clay, Iron Fist, Jenkins and Killgrave appeared alongside them, weapons raised and looking around. A pair of shadows came from the roof, with Sam and Martinez there too.

Rocket Shoes was the first to lower his weapon, sliding his Spartan Laser on his back before turning around and, wordlessly, walking out. Killgrave, followed by Song, went after him. Sam dropped down and kneeled beside Krayson, placing two fingers against the side of his neck. "He's alive..." then he turned around and disappeared back out the door.

Swanson sat down and leaned against a wall. Iron Fist followed suit. Seeing for no other need of concern, Jenkins went and laid down on his cot. All the rush and adrenaline, along with concern, had apparently left. It's amazing how something so apparently impacting could go by so quickly.

Krayson tiredly opened his eyes and sat forward. She had come. That's all that he remembered. It was obvious that night had fallen, and the rest of the team had fallen asleep. He shakily got to his feet and made his way over to his cot. He sat for a moment before laying down. So much...he needed to think.

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