Sigma, nicknamed 'Siggy' or 'Sig' by some, is an artificial intelligence utilized by Project Freelancer: Rebirth. He represents creativity, and was issued to Agent Arkansas.


Sigma, per his representation of emotion, is the most creative out of his AI brethren. He is known to come up with anything ranging from witty retorts during basic conversations to brilliant strategies that seem preposterous in the beginning but work out well in the end. He is often considered "creepy" due to this though, much to his annoyance and disapproval.

Another interesting side note is that Sigma seems to be fascinated, if not obsessed, with one of the known stages for AI that has reportedly never been reached, 'metastasis'.


Sigma's hologram appears as a bald headed man dressed in a trench coat and boots. He glows a mix between black, orange and red. When he appears, he tends to "perch" himself on Arkansas' shoulder.

Skills and Abilities

Sigma is a brilliant strategist and idealist, known for flawless and amazing battle plans that work out great in the end if followed to the letter without any revisions. They are known to be over the top from time to time, which apparently increases Sigma's own 'ego', if he even has one.


Sigma's presence increases Arkansas' own cognitive and creative functions, bringing out a more "strategist" version of Arkansas when the time arises.

He also affects Arkansas' armor enhancements like Tau did before him, but manipulated the jets installed in his owners armor to be able to switch between "silent" and "loud", and increasing his overshield strength and durability by three times.


Sigma's presence apparently causes severe headaches in Arkansas, which result in numerous visits to the medical deck to receive treatment. No one knows what really causes the headaches.

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